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December 1, 2020
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What Does Your Laptop Bag Say About You?

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A laptop bag is something that pretty much everyone who owns a laptop computer has to protect their laptop during transportation, a fairly mundane item you may think. Think again! Quite often people just use the free plastic one that came with the laptop or perhaps a more expensive plain leather one.

However, there are some fantastic funky laptop bags available now that will really let the world know just who you are and believe me they are truly a growing in popularity. The latest in fashion statements!

A great many of these trendy bags are based on the design used for many years in messenger bags. You have probably seen these guys or girls on bicycles racing through the city streets delivering important parcels and packages to businesses and offices. These laptop bags have all the usual characteristics seen in these messenger bags but all the necessary compartments and protection required of a laptop bag.

Materials used in the making of messenger bags are numerous but have to be durable and hard wearing - a bit like the bikers who carry themselves! You will often see bags used by these messengers which are very individual and created to reflect the personality of the biker carrying it - believe me these folks have BIG personalities!

Laptop bags can now be found in a vast array of sizes, shapes and colours and designs. Some may be covered with some kind of badges, others brightly coloured stripes and all sorts of different bits and bobs can be added for individuality. There are also the demure, classy, maybe more professional looks using more sedate plain grey or even black fabric but dressed with silver or gold coloured fastenings for a more sophisticated look.

One important point to take into consideration is, do not give up ample safety features such as adequate padding and secure fastenings etc. just because a bag looks good after all, protecting your laptop is the primary reason for having the bag in the first place.

It is also important that there is enough storage pockets and compartments to allow everything you will need for the day to fit in just one bag by this I mean pockets for pens, cell phone, and even for your more personal items such as money and digital assistant otherwise you end up weighed down. You can be sure that your trendy laptop bag customised to look just as you want will certainly get plenty attention no matter where you are the street, a coffee shop or the office.


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