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June 13, 2020
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Different Types Of Web Hosting And Email Hosting

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The world of web hosting and email hosting is expanding day by day. If you're trying to get your business up and running on the internet, you need a good website with reliable web hosting. By using this medium, you can get recognition in this fast moving world. But before getting a good web hosting and email hosting plan you need to know about the basic web hosting types. There are many types of choices in web hosting and email hosting, a few are discussed below.

Shared web hosting and email hosting, this is the most basic type of hosting. It is one of the most popular ways of hosting in today's time. In this type of hosting a lot of sites are hosted in the same server, usually managed by a company. Clients using this services have restricted access to their server. They just host a website and usually don't use custom web applications. This type of hosting is apt for small businesses. Though it is the most popular type of hosting it has some disadvantages, for example if one site is affected with spamming or other such problems, all the other sites will be highly affected.

Dedicated web hosting and email hosting services is a step up from the Shared hosting type. It is divided into two types Virtual Dedicated web hosting and Dedicated web hosting. Virtual Dedicated web hosting will give you more flexibility. You will own a private server and have sole access to it, which will give you a large amount of bandwidth and plenty of space. You will basically be renting hardware that is located at the hosting company's store or facility, and can access everything virtually. Dedicated web hosting and email hosting is similar to virtual dedicated hosting, except you would actually own the hardware and have it physically in your office. It is quite an expensive option and is ideal for big businesses.

Cloud web hosting and email hosting is a new concept which is gaining popularity. It is basically pay for what you need, when you need it. In seconds you can switch on and off space that you do or don't need, coping with demand. It is brilliant for websites that may be exposed to huge swings in traffic, for example when a certain event or an advert on the television suddenly increases traffic.

Get started with web hosting and email hosting according to your specific needs and requirements. If you are just starting out, go for shared hosting. But if your site is growing quickly then maybe you need to consider dedicated hosting services. Just starting out, then go for shared hosting. But if your site is growing quickly then maybe look at a dedicated server if your traffic is constantly high, or cloud hosting if you are subject to violent traffic spikes. Or cloud hosting could be the best for you if your website is subject to violent traffic changes. For more details just log on to


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