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May 1, 2020
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Creating Your Handyman Franchise Business

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If you have the business acumen to run and operate a store or retail business with an interest in home improvement, a handyman franchise business may be the right fit for you. Handyman franchise businesses are rising in popularity as more people are finding value in hiring a handyman to handle basic chores, home maintenance, general improvements, and other household items such as plumbing. As a franchise owner, you do not necessarily need to know how these things work, but should be able to hire the right people to put together your team of handymen.

Handyman franchise systems allow franchisee's to use an established brand or identity to promote and market to the public. This can create a strong market presence in any location, and help to build a strong team of handymen to manage customer requests. Understanding the homeowner's most important needs is essential for long-term business growth, and this can be studied and tracked over time. For example, if you are receiving many requests for plumbing jobs, it will be important to hire handymen who can handle these projects on a regular basis.

Most handyman franchise businesses already have a well-established business plan. This will help you with training and motivating your new staff because the vision and goals of the business are already outlined for you. A handyman franchise business system can, in essence, offer the best of both worlds of owning and operating a new business without extended effort in creating a system.

If you have enough capital to invest in the franchise, a handyman franchise system can be a viable business opportunity to generate revenue right from the start. Most startups will cost about $100,000 with an office, but an alternative is to use a home-based office to reduce costs to about $55,000.

When you're beginning the business, it's important to read up on the industry and speak with other franchisees about their successes and losses. This will help answer any questions on realistic projections, learn about the overall industry, and find out if a handyman enterprise is right for you.

Finally, customer service is essential to make your handyman franchise business successful year after year. When people call a handyman franchise, they are usually calling with a problem on their hands; not only is the business going to take care of the problem, but they are also going to ensure the customer is happy in the long-term. A successful handyman franchise system will create lifelong customers with the right approach.


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