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March 28, 2020
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Corner Computer Desks - Finding One that is "Just Right"

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It's exciting! I have just moved into my new office and am now trying to figure out what kind of desk to get. I don't want a huge thing taking up all the room. But I do need something. A regular ol' rectangle shaped desk would be functional and safe I guess. But a regular table wouldn't be quite right, and I don't want something ugly. I sort of feel like Little Red Riding Hood, I want something "just right." I want something special, something I can really use without it being the center of attention, maybe something I remember from my youth, something in the corner. As a student years ago, I remember having a desk in the corner of my room. I think my brother may have made it out of wood and cinder blocks. It didn't matter to me. It was unique and I liked it.

I'm sort of a nerd, so I am feeling sort of giddy wondering to myself now if maybe I should really go wild here and choose a desk from the large selection of cool corner computer desks I've seen on the market. I mean, there's nothing wrong with throwing something together out of wood and blocks, but I'm ready for just a bit more sophistication now. And, corner computer desks do make a great use of space and can transform an otherwise unused corner into my own customized space. I have always wanted that; my own little cool space in the corner of my office just for me, just right.

So I have been doing some research into all this. It turns out that, sure enough, corner computer desks come in all sorts of materials and configurations. I can get aluminum, glass, wood, fake wood, even plastic or metal. There are one piece and multiple piece configurations. Sometimes the one piece desks have a multilayered design allowing you to put items up and out of the way onto a higher shelf away from the main working space of the desk. I also like that with this design I can put a lamp above my work. That's better for cutting down on that annoying shadow I get from my lamp placement now. Other corner computer desk designs have removable hutches that give much more vertical space. This is good for storing extra disks, software, books, or whatever else I might need close by.

Some corner computer desks are quite small, and others can be fairly large. Depending on the space you are putting your desk in, you can find ones that are equal distant in both directions from the center. Or, you can find ones that are L-shaped. Some are quite simple and others are more deluxe with features like drawers, computer cabinets built in, or attached tables for printers or other office machines. It's nice that corner computer desks come in as many configurations as they do. Makes it easier to find exactly what you need. And that's what I just did. Now where did I put that bowl of porridge.


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