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March 4, 2020
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Advertising Your Residential House Cleaning Business

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Are you just starting out your own residential house cleaning business? Do you have a pile of rags, cleaning solutions, dusters, a vacuum cleaner, and broom and are ready to take over the neighborhood?

With any new business, you will need to work hard at the beginning to land those first customers. Being successful at residential house cleaning requires that your customers trust you, feel comfortable with you in their home, and value your work.

Here are some ideas to get started in advertising your house cleaning services:

Canvas the neighborhood with fliers
An enticing flyer will be easy to create on your home computer. Cleaning images can be found freely using the clipart that comes with most word processing programs. Include all the pertinent information you need, including name, phone number, list of services, and if you are just starting out you may consider including a discount or coupon for the first cleaning. Consider using brightly colored paper to print out your fliers. To save space, you may choose to print out two to four fliers per sheet of paper.

Take an ad out in the local paper
If you live in a small town, then there is a good chance that you have a local paper or newsletter that circulates around your neighborhood. Check to see if it may be possible for you to take out a small ad in the local paper, you may be surprised about how economical it is to advertise. If you are advertising as a new business, then you may consider offering a discount or coupon to those who mention the ad so that you will know which advertising methods are successful. And since you will have your own business, the advertising fees can be written off come tax time, check with your accountant for specifics.

Advertise on the web
The internet is another great place to start advertising your residential house cleaning business. is a largely known (free) classified website where you can advertise your business. Each day new ads are placed, so you may consider saving your advertisement text and resubmitting your ads every few days to capture the attention of new potential customers. If you are computer savvy, then you might also consider setting up your own website to advertise your house cleaning services. Having your own website will also be a great advertising tool because you will be able to add it to fliers and business cards or give your website address to others when you do not have a business card on hand.

Make business cards and pass them out
Business cards are really inexpensive to have printed. If you are on a very tight budget, then consider going to the office supply store and picking up a business card making kit that will allow you to print your own cards from home. Keep a stack of business cards with you at all times and hand them out to family and friends and even strangers.

Referral discount for new customers
Once you start getting those first customers, give them an incentive to refer you to their friends and family. Word of mouth is the best kind of advertising there is. If they like your work, then let them know that you will offer them a certain discount if they refer new customers to you. You may only need to offer a discount until you are able to develop enough customers to keep you busy.


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