Why Do You Want To Join Banking Sector – Best Answer To Interview Question

Why Do You Want To Join Banking Sector

A Question mostly asked by the interviewer at the time of the interview, i.e. Why Do You Want to Join Banking Sector? If you are searching for the answer of this question, then you are on the right place. You must read the best answers which are given in the underneath section.

Banking sector job is a highly reputed and progressive job. To get a bank job first of all you have to clear the written exam and then you can proceed to interview round. In interview round interviewer analyzes the communication skills, personality and abilities of the candidate.

Don’t get confused or hopeless while answering the question. Be confident and act smartly. There are some points below which will help you to find the best answer of the Question: “Why Do You Want to Join Banking Sector?”

Reasons To Choose The Banking Sector As Your Career Option

Job Security:

Everyone wants a secure job. The Banking sector is highly secure and reputed position. Especially in government banks you feel relaxed for your job. Different facilities and benefits are available for employees.

Higher Reputation and Quality Life:

Everyone wants a respected and standard job. Bank Job is a highly reputed one. It increases your reputation in society and gives a quality life to you and your family members.


Banks provide medical, accidental, death, dismemberment  and life insurance to their employees and also provides this benefit to their family members. Banks also gives life insurance and to the employees as well as to their family members.

Loans in low Interest:

Banks gives the facility of loans in low interests to their employees and also provides many other benefits to their employees also.

Best Answer To Interview Question:

Question: Why Do You Want To Join Banking Sector?

Answer 1:

In the banking sector, there are huge possibilities to go ahead and achieve a very good position. The Chances of growth are very high.

Answer 2:

Banking Sector offers a tremendous chance of growth and employees have respect in society. Major reason is Job security, especially with Public Sector Banks.

Answer 3:

Banks give status, quick promotional scope, and good salary and for other facilities provided by banks to their employees like home loans at low interest and some interest free loan,leave fare concession etc.

Answer 4:

Banking sector provides job security and career growth. There is no effect of recession on Banking Sector, this is the reason that this sector is preferred as the most secure career option.

Answer 5:

Today, the Banking sector is growing rapidly, and lots of vacancies, it is providing every year. Banks provide a challenging and responsible working environment also.

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