Which Stream To Choose After 10th – (Arts/Science/Commerce)

Which Stream To Choose After 10th

After 10th, it is a tough job for students to choose a right stream. 10th is the turning point of every student’s life and a wrong decision can ruin the career. The Right decision is very necessary to make for a successful career. “What Stream I should choose? Art, Science or Commerce?” when this question comes into mind, the situation gets confusing for students.

After 10th, Students should decide first what he/she wants. Firstly, they must know their interests to take a right decision. Students may make a conversation with their teacher, tutor, parents or any other experienced person to make a right decision.

To help those candidates who face confusion deciding that which Stream to Choose After 10th, some tips are framed here. Let’s discuss about that which stream (Arts/Science/Commerce) is suitable for you.

What the streams Arts/Science/Commerce are?

Commerce stream:

Commerce stream covers business subjects, economic subjects, accounts, English, mathematics and computer. This stream is good for those who have interest in finance and accounting. Candidates may opt B.Com after 12th or can go for CA or BBA, BCA.

Arts Stream:

Arts stream was considered for low scoring students earlier but now so many career options are there for arts students also. Now, Art stream is also a good career option. Students may go for BA, BCA, B.ED or may choose any other course according to their interest.

Science stream:

Science stream is divided into two groups:

  • Medical (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • Non-Medical (Physics, Chemistry, Maths)

Students having interest in medical line must choose Medical group and students having interest in maths must choose Non-medical group.

Medical group students, after 12th, may go for MBBS, Biotech, B Sc, BAMS, BDS and many other options.

Non-Medical group students, after 12th, may opt B.Sc., B.Tech, BCA or any other course accordingly.

Tips to choose the best stream:

  • Firstly, you must know your interest. Choose your stream according to your interest. If you will choose the stream as per your interest, you can give your best otherwise it will be a burden for you.

  • Select those subjects in which you are good. Choose subjects as per your interest so that you can enjoy study.

  • Take advice from your teachers, parents and experienced persons. They can help you in taking right decision of your career.

  • Take some online aptitude test to analyze your skills and interests. This will be helpful for you. Follow the above mentioned tips to make your career bright and successful.

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