SSB Interview Experience 2016- Selected Candidates Success Stories, Tips

SSB Interview Experience 2016- Selected Candidates Success Stories, Tips


SSB Interview Experience

Hello guys…I am Daniel here I am going to share my SSB Interview Experience before this I would like to request you to gather some patience to know about my experience there as it’s quite a long one to on read completely. This page give me a chance to share my wonderful experience and you will also get a new SSB interview experience 2016 here after some time.

First I’ll tell you about what is SSB if you don’t know. SSB stands for SERVICE SELECTION BOARD that conducts interview to match the personality trait of the applying candidates with the defense requirement for officer post in defense i.e. air force / army/ navy. Hope now you got the roughly idea of what is SSB?

So I need not to tell more on this. You only come to know about your country’s defense system when you will appear for the SSB interview as I came to knew when I had attended SSB interview at selection center south headquarters at Bangalore last year in November. Before there, I knew literally nothing about our defense system. Here’s my experience is:

People always ask- how to prepare for SSB? And I always said that SSB is not an examination for which you need to prepare. In SSB you don’t judge by what you read in books or in school and colleges. It doesn’t matter for them whether you were an excellent or an average student in your earlier days.

What all matters is, what you are in present especially during those days when you were being tested by SSB center. The basic criteria of selecting their is to find that suitable candidate who matched the defense’s requirement and not the best person for the job.

SSB Interview Experience

It was a time when I was in search of govt job going through a  website said that young unmarried candidates are required for officer post in Indian navy and I applied immediately without seeking my parent’s permission.

For waiting about a month finally I got a call for the interview and then suddenly a thought struck in my mind that now the time has come to prove your creditability by going through the various stages of SSB as I had already read in the advertisement about their selection processes. It was given like that.

Stage 1: on first day there are two types of intelligence test. It was just the usual aptitude test. Then there will be a picture story writing test followed by group discussion based on that same picture and the results were announced after an hour so that selected candidates are retained for further testing while the others can go back.


  1. Story writing: In this we have to observe the picture carefully and write our story in sweet and simple words.
  2. Discussion: its aim is to come to a common story. So don’t try to put each other’s down. Speak up and give chance to everyone so that they can also present their own viewpoints.

2. Psychology test

  1. Word association test (WAT): A word will be flashed for 15 every second and we have to write a sentence using that word within those 15 seconds. We have to write short and simple sentences and be careful about handwriting.
  2. Thematic appreciation test (TAT): follow the points given in PPDT and write your story in brief which is related to your real life.
  3. Situation reaction test (SRT): write practical situations and explained it briefly and don’t show that you act like a super hero.
  4. Self description: write the truth about yourself in best real way whether they can be your strength/ weakness.

Stage 2: interview

I think this is the easiest phase as you don’t need to prepare anything because your questions will always be related to your studies, hobbies, your likes and dislikes. I had my interview at 12 noon. My interview started with a rapid fire round followed by several questions and I answered them all one by one without taking a long breath. I moved on to the next question if I don’t knew but I didn’t stop with that. Lastly he asked me why you want to join Indian navy. Obvious question…I answered and he said it was nice to interview and I replied thank you sir.

Stage 3: Ground Task: in this phase you are observed on ground. How good you are as a member of team. Things observed are practical application of theoretical knowledge.

  1. Group discussion: speak and let others speak. Don’t criticize others and pay attention to what others say.
  2. Lecturette: Prepare the outline of your lecture in the given 2/3 minutes
  3. Group planning exercise: follow basic rules in discussion.

Command task: Do not take help of subordinates and don’t allow others to break any rules.

  • Half group task, progressive and final group task: Don’t fight or snatch the helping        materials and helps others in crossing.
  • Individual obstacle: plan your order of proceeding in advance. Don’t hesitate to jump or leap.

That’s it. Interview was over. I have covered almost everything in these 3 stages. I was totally exhausted after departed from SSB to our homes. Next day when I wake up, I realized I was not the same person who I used to be before. There were so many changes in me even my friends noticed it and told me. Last week of interview has increased my interest a hundred fold to join any career. Soon I shared my experience with you all to let others SSB candidates to be aware of myths of interview.

My advice to all is that nothing goes bad even if you rejected as you undergo a lot of change. Whatever you do ,be the best and try to become a good citizen of our country.

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