SBI Bank PO Previous Year Question Papers 2015 Download Solved Pdf

SBI Bank PO Previous Year Question Papers 2015 Download Solved Pdf

SBI Bank PO Previous Year Question Papers 2015

We are providing SBI Bank PO Previous Year Question Papers 2015 for the students who are going to appear for SBI PO exam. You can also get selected question from Model/ Previous Test papers from this page. Aspirant model paper is a right way of preparation because they show us clear path of preparation. You can also download the Pdf of solved Paper through online mode.

State Bank of India is one of those Government Banks which are very much famous amongst the masses. It is best public sector bank in India and more than 10,000 branches and thousands of ATM in India. To grow their network more, SBI conducts this examination every year.

Any candidates can appear for SBI Bank PO exam only three times and must not be more than 30 years of age for this post. So candidates you need a full concentration and right guidance to crack this exam within three given chances. Here we are come up with lots of useful and important stuffs to help the students who really want to join this organization.

In this section our team is providing some SBI Bank PO previous years questions with answers, which give you a better idea about the paper pattern and its difficulty level. So candidates keep practice through the below provided questions and check your ability.

Some Solved questions of SBI PO

Q1- Which of the following expressions will be true if the expression R > O = A > S < T is definitely true?

1) O > T

2) S < R

3) T > A

4) S = O

5) T < R


Q2- In a certain code language ‘how many goals scored’ is written as ‘5 3 9 7’; ‘many more matches’ is written as‘9 8 2’ and ‘he scored five’ is written as ‘1 6 3’. How is ‘goals’ written in that code language?

(1) 5

(2) 7

(3) 5 or 7

(4) Data inadequate

(5) None of these



Q3- If’–‘ means ‘+’; ‘–’means ‘×’; ‘×’ means ‘÷’ and ‘+’means ‘–’; then 15 – 8 × 6 + 12 + 4= ?

(1) 20

(2) 28

(3) 48

(4) 2 3

(5) None of these


Q4- Among A, B, C, D and E each having different weight, D is heavier than only A and C is lighter than B and E. Who among them is the heaviest?

(1) B

(2) E

(3) C

(4) Data inadequate

(5) None of these


Q5- Statements: All cups are bottles. Some bottles are jugs. No jug is plate. Some plates are tables. Conclusions:

I. Some tables are bottles.

II. Some plates are cups.

III. No table is bottle.

IV. Some jugs are cups.

(1) Only I follow

(2) Only II follows

(3) Only III follows

(4) Only IV follows

(5) Only either I or III follows


Q6- What is the full form of ‘NBFC’ as used in the Fir ancial Sector?

(1) New Banking Finance Company

(2) National Banking & Finance Corporation

(3) New Business Finance & Credit

(4) Non Business Fund Company

(5) None of these



Q7- .Many a times, we read about Special Drawing Right (SDR) in news papers. As per its definition, SDR is a monetary unit of the reserve assets of which of the following organizations / agencies?

(1) World Bank

(2) International Monetary Fund (IMF)

(3) Asian Development Bank

(4) Reserve Bank of India

(5) None of these


Q8- Ais a computer connected to two networks.

(1) Link

(2) Server

(3) Gateway

(4) Bridge way

(5) None of these


Q9- .In a customer database, a customer’s surname would be keyed into a —

(1) Row

(2) Text field

(3) Record

(4) Computed field

(5) None of these


Q10- .CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is—

(1) Apre-sales activity

(2) A tool for lead generation

(3) An ongoing daily activity

(4) The task of a DSA

(5) All of the above


Choose the word/group of words which is most similar it meaning to the word


(1) Deprived

(2) Disadvantaged

(3) Hungry

(4) Fasting

(5) Emaciated



(1) Cultivated

(2) Bulldozed

(3) Recovered

(4) Instilled

(5) Withdrew


Choose the word/phrase which is most opposite in meaning to the word


(1) Unpopular

(2) Undemanding

(3) Unobtrusive

(4) Unsuitable

(5) Unimportant



(1) Absorbed

(2) Accelerated

(3) Grew

(4) Plunged

(5) Mismanaged


Q15- Dormant

1) Emaciated

2) Pertinent

3) Cornered

4) Rejected

5) Active


Q16- An urn contains 6 red, 4 blue, 2 green and 3 yellow marbles.

If four marbles are picked at random, what is the probability that at least one is blue?

(1)4/ 15

(2)69/ 91



(5) None of these


Q17- The speed of a boat when travelling downs stream is 32 Kms. / Hr., whereas when travelling upstream it is 28 kms/hr What is the speed of the boat in still water?

(1) 27 Kms. /Hr.

(2) 29 Kms. / Hr.

(3) 31 Kms. / Hr.

(4) Cannot be determined

(5) None of these


Q18- The compound interest earned by Suresh on a certain amount at the end of two years at the rate of 8 p.c.p.a was Rs. 1,414.4. What was the total amount that Suresh got back at the end of two years in the form of principal plus interest earned?

(1) Rs. 9,414.4

(2) Rs. 9,914.4

(3) Rs. 9,014.4

(4) Rs. 8,914.4

(5) None of these


Q19- The respective ratio of the present ages of a mother and daughter is 7: 1. Four years ago the respective ratio of their ages was 19:1. What will be the mother’s age four years from now?

(1) 42 years

(2) 38 years

(3) 46 years

(4) 36 years

(5) None of these


Q20- 4 men can complete a piece of work in 2 days. 4women can complete the same piece of work in 4 days whereas 5 children can complete the same piece of work in 4 days. If, 2 men, 4 women and 10 children work together, in how many days can the work be completed?

(1) 1 day

(2) 3 days

(3) 2 days

(4) 4 days

(5) None of these


Hope that theses above mentioned questions are very beneficial for you. If you want more details about SBI PO then keep visiting our website regularly.

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