Sample Resume For MBA – Professional/ Freshers Job Resume Format

Sample Resume For MBA

The Resume is the main report in the interview, which can give all the needful details of the person. The main motive of it is to provide all information about a person in the written form. It must have a length of maximum two pages. 

If any person going to turn up an interview for a job profile, then resume is the one thing which defines all the Basic information about the applicant. The Company will examine your potential from this document. It is a requirement for every MBA Fresher or other degree holder.

You can create a new resume after completing an MBA. If you are looking for the perfect format, then you should check the Sample Resume for MBA professional/fresher to make it, which is given below. You have to do only few changes in it to make it for your own.

Sample Resume for MBA- Professional/ Freshers

Your name:

Email Address: ……[email protected]….com

Postal Address: ___________

Phone number:


  • Here you can write down about your objective. Mention your goal like which position you want to gain in your life or your career goal.

Academic Qualification:

  • Give the details about your academic qualification like 12th, high school, graduation and more with the university names.

Computer literacy:

  • Here candidate must frame the points of their computer skills, IT knowledge, and all he/she is know about the computer.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Make about 4 points about expertise areas.
  • Mention all your expertise areas
  • These are the plus point in the MBA fresher’s resume.
  • Resume must consisting your basic area of expertise.

Other Variation:

  • Extra Curriculum movement.
  • 3 to 6 lines should be there to be added.
  • Your extra activities can be added here.

Personal Details:

  • Here you can mention your DOB.
  • Languages Known: (like English, Hindi, French, etc.)
  • Marital status
  • Other information if you like to add


I hereby declare that all the details given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date…….                                                                                              (Your name)

Place…….                                                                                                Signature

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