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Oracle Interview Experience

Oracle Interview ExperienceCandidates if you are going to appear in the Oracle Interview then this page is valuable for you because this page gives you info about Oracle Interview Experience of qualified candidates in his/her own words.  Dear friends, if you have attending the Oracle Interview Please share Your Success Stories with Us and Others. Here we are also suggest Some Interview  Cracking Tips To Freshers by which they can easily qualify your interview.

I want to Share Some Experiences of Oracle Interview. That was amazing experience of my life and it will be owner for me that you can learn something from my experience.

Name: Shivangi Taneja

Degree:, New Delhi

Oracle is well recognized company. This Company is coming in our campus for placements and from so many years now, it was coming with 5 different profiles. Oracle is also conducted a written test but no weightage shall be given to those contenders who are studied the course of data structures.

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There are 5 sections in written test which includes general aptitude, programming, data interpretation, Technical, logical reasoning and character recognition. In these sections, mostly question were from data structure and a few questions were from programming. This exam was not uncomplicated especially the questions of data structure. Mostly questions of data structure were from trees and stacks. There were various theoretical questions on database management concerning foreign key, primary key etc. aptitude test was simple but the major thing was time management which influence our performance.

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Oracle Interview Experience

Oracle Interview Questions & Answers

Me: When I took an entry in the interview hall I wish Good afternoon to everybody as my interview was started near about 3:30pm.

Interviewer: Interviewer came and took my CV (Curriculum Vitae) Asked me to wait until he had called me.

Me: After 10 minutes, he called me. I’m little bit nervous.

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself.

Me: I was given a brief introduction about myself with full confidence.

Interviewer: In interview, they asked me some technical and human resource (HR) questions. so, tell me about Name three advisory statistics you can collect?

Me: Buffer Cache Advice, Segment Level Statistics, & Timed Statistics.

Interviewer: Explain the use of table functions?

Me: Ok…Table functions are designed to return a set of rows through PL/SQL logic but are intended to be used as a normal table or view in a SQL statement. They are also used to pipeline information in an ETL process.

Interviewer: Tell me about…What background process refreshes materialized views?

Me: I simply replied.. Job Queue Processes

Interviewer: What is the difference between a soft link and a hard link?

Me: A symbolic (soft) linked file and the targeted file can be located on the same or different file system while for a hard link they must be located on the same file system.

Interviewer: Ok shivangi… Explain what partitioning is and what its benefit is.

Me: I’m Little bit nervous… but I replied confidently that Partitioning is a method of taking large tables and indexes and splitting them into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Interviewer: Ok thank you Shivangi nice to meet you..

Me: thank you sir..

That was the best experience of my life I hope I will be selected. I think it will be interested for you. All the best for your interview.

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