NIMCET Previous Year Question Papers Download NIT MCA Test Papers/Solution

NIMCET Previous Year Question Papers

Participants who are preparing for NIT MCA Common Entrance Test known as NIMCET 2015 conducted by National Institute of Technology (NITs) can check NIMCET Previous Year Question Papers from this page. Previous year question paper with solution helps a lot for better preparation. So keep visiting this page to check your ability in concern to get NIT MCA Test Papers 2015 through this page which is customised by the team of

NIMCET Previous Year Question Papers

Q1. How many different paths in the xy-plane are there from (1,3) to (5,6), if a path proceeds one step at a time by going either one step to the right (R) or one step upward(U)?

a)    35

b)    40

c)    45

d)    None of these

Ans. (a)

Q2. A and B throw a die in succession to win a bet with A starting first. Whoever throws „1‟ first wins an amount of Rs. 110 what are the respective expectations of A and B?

a)    Rs. 70 and Rs. 40

b)    Rs. 60 and Rs. 50

c)    Rs. 75 and Rs. 35

d)    None of these

Ans. (b)

Q3. From 50 students taking examination in Mathematics. Physics and Chemistry, 37 passed Mathematics, 24 Physics and 43 Chemistry. At most 19 passed mathematics and Physics at most 29 Mathematics and Chemistry and at most 20 Physics and Chemistry. The largest possible number that could have passed all three examinations is.

a)    10

b)    12

c)    9

d)    None of these

Ans. (d)

Q4. An anti aircraft gun can take a maximum of four shots at an enemy plane moving away from it. The probabilities of hitting the plane at first, second, third and fourth shot are 0.4, 0.3, 0.2 and 0.1 respectively. The probability that the gun hits the plane then is.

a)    0.6972

b)    0.6978

c)    0.6976

d)    0.6974

Ans. (c)

Q5. If A is a 3*3 matrix with det (A) = 3, then det (adj A) is.

a)    3

b)    9

c)    27

d)    6

Ans. (b)

Q6. The sum of the numbers from 1 to 100, which are not divisible by 3 and 5. is..

a)    2946

b)    2732

c)    2632

d)    2317

Ans. (c)

Q7. Arrange the following statements P, Q, R, and S in a logical order to make a sensible paragraph:

P: The logic that underlines this is two-fold.

Q: RBI is likely to cut bank rate and CRR.

R: Over the last few years, RBI has tried to implement policy changes.

S: According to sources, bank rate will be out in April.

a)    QRPS

b)    RPSQ

c)    QSRP

d)    SPQR

Ans.  (c)

Q8. Computer A takes 3 minutes to process input while computer B takes 5 minutes. If computers A, B and C can process an average of 14 inputs in one hour, how many minutes does computer C alone take to process on input?

a)    10

b)    4

c)    6

d)    None of these

Ans. (c)

Q9. How many 5s are there in the following number series each of which is immediately followed by 4 but not immediately preceded by 6? 456 656 455 455 654 456 456 5454.

a)    One

b)    Three

c)    Four

d)    Two

Ans. (d)

Q10. You are in the land of logic where there are 3 types of rabbits. Blue rabbits always tell the truth, green rabbits sometimes tell the truth and red rabbits never tell the truth. Assume you cannot distinguish colours. A rabbit says to you “I always lie”. What colour of rabbit is speaking to you.

a)    Blue

b)    Red

c)    Green

d)    Cannot be concluded

Ans. (c)

Q11. In the virtual memory system, the address space specified by address lines of the CPU must be than the physical memory size and than the secondary storage size.

a)    Smaller, smaller

b)    smaller, larger

c)    larger, smaller

d)    larger, larger

Ans. (c)

Q12. To change upper case to the lower case letter in ASCII, correct mask and operation should be:

a)    0100000 and NOR

b)    0100000 and NAND.

c)    0100000 and OR.

d)    None of these.

Ans. (c)

Q13. 100. Why is the width of a data bus so important to the processing speed of a computer?

a)    The narrower it is, the greater the computer‟s processing speed.

b)    The wider it is, the more data can fit into the main memory.

c)    The wider it is, the greater the computer‟s processing speed.

d)    The wider it is, the slower the computer‟s processing speed.

Ans. (c)

Q14. A switching circuit that produces one in a set of input bits as an output based on the control value of control bits is termed as.

a)    Full adder

b)    Inverter

c)    Multiplexer

d)    Converter

Ans. (c)

Q15. Index register in a digital computer is used for…

a)    Pointing to the stack address.

b)    Indirect addressing.

c)    Keeping track the number of times loop executed

d)    Address modification.

Ans. (b)

Q16. The pleasures of the table are never of consequence to one naturally abstemious. The word abstemious can be replace by:

a)    Indulgent

b)    Temperate

c)    Discreet

d)    Profligate

Ans. (b)

Q17. Which of the underlined parts in the sentence given below is a mistake which may need to be deleted or modified?

He can be able to pass the test in flying colours without any difficulties whatsoever.

a)    Be able

b)    Flying colours

c)    Difficulties

d)    Whatsoever

Ans. (a)

Q18. According to the passage the skeleton of pterosaurs can be distinguished from that of a bird by the.

a)    The size of its wingspan.

b)    Presence of hollow spaces in its bones.

c)    Anatomic origin of its wing strut.

d)    Presence of hook like projections on its hind feet.

Ans. (c)

Q19. For the word “QUIBBLE” find the most appropriate meaning from the alternatives given below:

a)    Agreement

b)    Appreciation

c)    Creation

d)    Complain

Ans. (d)

Q20. Find the antonym of the word “DISPARAGE”.

a)    Degrade

b)    Improve

c)    Scatter

d)    Applaud

Ans. (d)

National Institute of Technology (NITs) are responsible to conduct NIT MCA Common Entrance Test (NIMCET) which is a common entrance test which is conducted for providing admission to deserving candidates in the 1st year of MCA programme. This year also the huge no. of candidates has filled the application form.

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