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MLSU Syllabus

MLSU SyllabusMLSU Syllabus has been announced by the Mohanlal Sukhadia University. Applicants who are preparing for BCA, B.Com, B.SC, M.SC, MA Exam can get MLSU Syllabus 2016 from this page. Numbers of applicants participate in these exams, for better preparation Students need proper syllabus and pattern. Candidates can get the MLSU Exam syllabus from the under beneath section of this page. Students who are searching for UG/PG Syllabus can download MLSU Syllabus in PDF form by following some useful steps which is tuned below. is providing MLSU Syllabus for exams so that candidates can collect the study material, according to the subjects. Candidates can get the steps to download the syllabus from the below section.

MLSU Syllabus

M.Sc. (Previous) Botany Paper –I Biology and Diversity Of Microbes, Algae And Fungi

Algae in diversified habitats (terrestrial, freshwater and marine), thallus organization, cell structure, reproduction, criterion for classification of algae, major systems of classification.

  1. Salient features and general account of following classes:
  • Prochlorophyceae
  • Chlorophyceae
  • Charophyceae
  • Xanthophyceae
  • Bacillariophyceae
  • Chrysophyceae
  • Phaeophyceae
  • Rhodophyceae
  1. A brief account of Prasinophyceae, Glaucophyceae, Eustigmatophyceae, Haptophyceae
  2. Economic importance of algae

General characters of fungi; substrate relationship in fungi; cell ultrastructure; unicellular and multicellular organization; cell wall composition; nutrition (saprobic, biotrophic and symbiotic) reproduction (vegetative, asexual, sexual); heterothallism; heterokaryosis; parasexuality; recent trends in classification. Phylogeny of fungi; general account of Mastigomycotina, Zygomycotina, Ascomycotina, Basidiomycotina and Deuteromycotina; Mycorrhizae and Lichens.


Fungiin industry, medicine and food; Archaebacteria eubacteria and cyanobacteria : general account; ultrastructure, nutrition and reproduction; biology and economic importance; general account of Prions, Rickettsias, L-forms, Viroids etc. Viruses : Characteristics and ultrastructure of virions; isolation and purification of viruses; chemical nature, replication, transmission of viruses; economic importance.

Mycoplasma and Phytoplasma:

General characteristics and role in causing plant diseases.


Scope and brief history of plant pathology, concept of disease and a general account of diseases caused by various plant pathogens. Important symptoms of plant diseases. Mechanism of host penetration and defense. A general account of physiological specialization, toxins and phytoalexins. Molecular basis of host-parasite interaction. Plant diseases management and fungi as biocontrol agents.

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M.Sc. (Previous) Botany Paper-II Biology and Diversity Of Bryophytes, Pteridophytes And Gymnosperms:

General characters and classification:

Structure, reproduction, interrelationships of Bryophytes with special reference to:

  • Sphaerocarpales: Sphaerocarpos
  • Marchantiales: Marchantia, Asterella
  • Jungermanniales: Pellia
  • Calobryales: Calobryum
  • Anthocerotales: Anthoceros complex, Notothylas
  • Sphagnales: Sphagnum
  • Bryales: Polytrichum
A systematic study of the distribution (present and past with special reference to India), structure, reproduction, evolution and inter-relationships of the Pteridophyta with special reference to:

  • Psilophytopsida: Psilophytales – general account
  • Psilotopsida: Psilotales – general account
  • Lycopsida: Lepidodendrales-Lepidodendron; Isoetales-Isoetes; Selaginellales-Selaginella
  • Sphenopsida: Sphenophyllales – Sphenophyllum; CalamitalesCalamites
  • Pteropsida: Eusporangiatae: Ophioglossales-Ophioglossum; Marattiales-Marattia; Osmundales-Osmunda.
Pteridopsida : Leptosporangiate; Filicales – Gleichenia, Cyathea Marsileales – general account Salviniales – general account

  • Evolution of stelar system; cytology and the study of Prothallus in relation to taxonomy; soral evolution
  • Fossils : Conditions necessary for fossilization, types of fossils and methods of their study; nomenclature
Present and past distribution of gymnosperms with special reference to India.

Classification; morphology, anatomy, life history, phylogeny and relationships of the main groups of gymnosperms with special reference to :

Cycadofilicales – General account.

Glossopteridales, Caytoniales, Nilssoniales – general account

Bennettitales – general account with reference to Bennettites

Cycadales and Pentoxylales – general account and phylogeny

Cordaitales – general account – Cordaites, Platyspermic seeds

Ginkgoales – Ginkgo

Coniferales – A comparative account of the morphology, anatomy and life history; evolution of the female strobilus and phylogeny

  • Ephedrales – Ephedra
  • Welwitschiales – Welwitschia
  • Gnetales – Gnetum

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B.A. (Hons. PT.–I) English:

Paper–I : Drama, Poetry And Grammar:

Shakespeare : As You Like It
The following poems from The Poet’s Pen, elected and annotated by P. E. and Homi Dustoor, Oxford University Press.


(a) When to the Sessions.

(b) Like as the Waves.

Milton: When the Assault was Intended

A. Pope: From “An Essay on Man”.

Blake: The Tiger

Cowper: On the Receipt of My Mother’s Picture

Wordsworth: She was a Phantom of Delight

Shelley: The Cloud

Tennyson: Ulysses

The following poems from the Golden Treasury of Indo – Anglian Poetry ed. Vinayak Krishna Gokak, Sahitya Academy.

Henry Derozio:

(a)  Song of the Hindustani Minstrel

Michael Madhu:

(a) King Porus- A Legend sudan Dutt of Old

(b) The Queen of Delhi’s Dream

Toru Dutt :

(a) The Lotus

(b) Lakshman

Unit-III- Grammar
  • Basic Sentence Patterns
  • Clauses

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Paper-II: Prose And Fiction

For detailed study: C.H. Lockitt, ed. The Art of the Eassayist. Longmans – The following essays only:

Bacon: Of Youth and Age

Steele: The Spectator Club

Addison: Meditations in Westminster Abbey

Goldsmith: Beau Tibbs at Home

Lamb: Detached Thoughts on Books and Readings

Lucas: Third Thoughts

Chesterton: On the Pleasures of No Longer Being very Young

Lynd: The Student

The following short Stories from Spectrum – An Anthology of Short Stories ed. By J. Sasikumar and Paul Gunashekhar (Orient Longman):

Chinua Achebe: Marriage is a Private Affair

O. Henry: The Ransom of Red Chief

K.A. Abbas: Sparrows

Maxim Gorky: The Mother of a Traitor

W.Somerset: The Verger Maugham

Thomas Hardy: The Mayor of Casterbridge

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How To Download MLSU Syllabus 2016?

Step 01 First of all applicants require to visit official website of Mohanlal Sukhadia University that is
Step 02 Then, press Resource tab which is given on the menu bar and hit syllabus.
Step 03 Now, select course like under graduate etc and select faculty.
Step 04 After that, Select your class category and download your syllabus.
Step 05 At last, Take print out of system generated online syllabus for future use.

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