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JAVA Interview Experience

Hello Friends, I am Neeraj Tyagi….I am from Rajasthan. I have appeared JAVA Interview in the month of March on date of 25th. It was really a great experience. I want to share my JAVA Interview Experience with you and i found that it is a finest platform where you can Share Interview Tips and Suggest Your Exp with Others. Well, let’s begin with my experience..!!!

Date: 25th March

Venue: Tech Mahindra Ltd

Time: 10.30 AM

My JAVA Interview Experience

I was at venue on time and there were also so many candidates for interview and I want to tell you that there were three phases that we have to face.

Written Test:

The first round was of written test and there were three sections, first one was reaTyaging, second one was Quantitative aptitude and third one was Language based question. Each section contains 25 questions.  So there were total 75 question and we got 60 minutes to solve all questions.

  • In reaTyaging Section: there were various topics like syllogism, statement and conclusion, series, blood relation and coding and decoding etc.
  • In Quantitative aptitude question were on Number system, trigonometry, area, profit loss, pie chart and time and distance etc.
  • In language test we had to face java language related questions on the topic such as JVM, JIT Complier, Memory related question etc.

Our written test started at 11:00 AM and finished at 12:00 PM exactly. After 15 minutes of completion of test they announced result and out of 100 candidates only 50 are selected and I was one of selected candidates. Next round was Technical Interview.

Technical Interview:

My technical interview was started at 01.00 PM and there were two persons in panel and they are young one group. As I entered in room I wished them and they also wished me and said take your seat.

Me: Thank you Sir.

Member 1: tell me about you.

Me: hello sir myself Neeraj Tyagi. I am from Rajasthan. I have done My Graduation and Post Graduation from Jalandhar and done certification in Java language from CMC Limited Noida. I told about my university and schooling. I told about my strength and my likes.

Member 2: tell me something about your family.

Me: I replied sir I have two siblings one elder brother and one younger sister and my mother is house wife and my father has a business of pulses. I am elder one in my family.

Member 1: Ok.. Neeraj, now tell me..What is JVM?

Me: I replied sir, JVM is an abbreviated for Java Virtual Machine, it is an abstract machine which gives the runtime environment in which java byte code converted in to machine code and vice versa and then can be executed. Java Virtual Machine is available for many hardware and software platforms it is platform dependent.

Member2: Ok..Good, Now Tell me…. What is JIT compiler?

Me: I replied sir, It is a Just In Time Complier that improve the performance and it is parts of the byte code that have similar functionality at the same time, and hence reduces the amount of time needed for compilation.

Member2: Nice Answer…Now Tell Me…. What is class loader?

Me: I replied sir, It is a subsystem of Java Virtual Machine that is used to load classes and interfaces. There are many types of class loaders for example Bootstrap class loader, Extension class loader, System class loader, Plugin class loader etc.

Member 1: Now tell me……. What if the static modifier is removed from the signature of the main method?

Me: I Replied Sir, if I am removing the static word then an error occurred at runtime that is “NoSuchMethodError” after compilation process is completed.

Member1: ok..Now you could wait for a minutes outside of room and wait for next interview session.

Me: I Replied…Ok sir thank you

After 15 minutes, they called me for HR interview process that was taken by two members of organization:

HR Interview:

As I entered in a room, I wished them and they also wished me and said that ptake your seat:

Me: Thank you sir

Member 3: ok.. Neeraj tell me why should we choose you?

Me: I replied sir.. I have enough capability to prove myself and ability to learn at any stage if there is requirement. I am responsible and believe on team work.

Member 1: Can you Write a program to check whether a given date is a leap year or not?

Me: I replied yes sure sir and they gave me pen and paper to write. I wrote program and they smiled because it was right.

Member 2: Tell me about your project?

Me: I told everything about my projects on which I have worked and done everything at time of Graduation and Post Graduation. I also told about my situation at that time.

Member 1: ok.. good.

Me: thank you..

Member 1: Now tell me…..what do you want to be in your life?

Me: I told sir I want to be self dependent and responsible person in my life and I want to provide every and all things to my family.

Member 1: Why do you want to join this company and not any other company?

Me: I told about company profile and said sir I think this is company is best platform for my career plan.

Member 2: do you have any query then ask?

Me: I asked about the training qualities which are required for this job and they told briefly.

Member 1: thank you Neeraj it’s nice to meeting with you..

Me: I handshake and replied thank you..

Around 04: 30 P.M our result was declared and 10 contenders are selected and I was also one of them. That was a good experience of my life and I think you will learn lots of things from my Java Interview Experience. Thank you friends it was owner for me to tell you about my Interview story.

Those job seekers, who want to become a Mobile app developer or software developer, may face Java Interview with the help of this experience but with this you should be also self confident if you want to get any other details regarding any other job you may visit our web portal. If you have any query asks this in comment box.

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