How To Prepare For MAT 2016 Best Tips, Tricks & Strategies To...

How To Prepare For MAT 2016 Best Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Crack MAT 2016


How To Prepare For MAT

How To Prepare For MATApplicants who are preparing for Management Aptitude Test  and looking for Best Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Crack MAT 2016 are at correct place. From the below tuned section applicants can acquire Tips of How to Prepare For MAT. The below provided tips will surely help you to enhance your confidence and let you know about How to Prepare For MAT 2016.

Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is one of the most popular competitive examinations among MBA (Master of Business Administration) aspirants as it gets them access to a large number of good B schools in India.

Management Aptitude Test is the well like exam by many candidates because of the reason that in these exam candidates can select to take either Paper Based Test or Computer Based Test as per their convenience. Check the below segment to know How to Prepare For MAT 2016.

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How to Prepare For MAT

Tips to crack the MAT exam:

Strategically plan your time:

  • Plan a study schedule in advance
  • Allot time for every subject. This will help to systematically study each subject instead of running between many, which is certain to interrupt your attention and diminish output.

Time Management for Students

Answer sample question papers on mathematics:

  • Sample question papers gives a thought about the topics, the standard estimated, and the skills necessary.
  • Practice and solve problems extensively. Apply straight methods first, but as the material becomes familiar to you, start concerning short-cuts to improve speed.
  • Memorise tables, common cube roots and square roots, conversions from percent to fraction, and vice-versa to enhance speed while maintaining accuracy.

Quantitative Aptitude Quiz

Read various articles:

  • Read as more articles as you can as you read various articles the more it will help in going through the comprehension part. It will help to acquire speed and accuracy, two key skills needed to do well in this section.
  • Before you commence cracking, though, expend several time glance at the questions in the comprehension section to get a feel for the vital areas of the passage.

Practice regularly:

  • The sections on Data Analysis & Sufficiency and Intelligence & Critical Reasoning may be new to you. These are further difficult.
  • Go through the sample papers cautiously and makes notes of the habit concerned.
  • Regular practice will make you more excellent with the subjects and help to quickly understand and break troubles.

Take Online Practice Test

Improve your general awareness:

  • The Indian and Global Environment division check your general responsiveness.
  • Widely follow the news each day and magazines, watch news channels and browse the Internet to keep well-organized with the current affairs connected to diverse national and international avenues.
  • Solve as many previous year or sample papers possible.

Latest Current Affairs- News & Updates

Enhance your speed and accuracy:

  • First, solve papers subject-wise, maintaining stipulated time-limit. after that, solve an entire model paper or a previous paper to see if you can finish in time.
  • Although speed is an significant aspect, accuracy is dominant. Extensive practice helps you achieve both.

 Strategies To Crack MAT 2016:

  • Perform reading ‘Reading Comprehensions’ passages for at least 2-3 months, about 4-5 per day.
  • Go through all the rules of Grammar and make an attempt to recognize the related usage of words and phrases in English.
  • For Quant, I suggest candidates perform about 20-25 questions every day.
  • Make an attempt to progress on GK, by reading a newspaper every day and a good weekly or monthly magazine. That should help you get a good score in MAT!

How To Prepare For Exam In Less Time

List of Books for MAT

  • Mission MBA MAT Guide by B S Sijwali and Tarun Goyal (Arihant Books)
  • MAT (Management Aptitude Test) Entrance Exams with Practice CDby GKP (G K Publications Pvt. Ltd.) covers,
  • The Pearson MAT Super Course with CD (Pearson)
  • Study Package For Management Aptitude Test by Arun Sharma (Tata McGraw-Hill)
  • 10 Challengers MAT: 10 Mock Tests for Management Aptitude Testby Dharmendra Mittal (Arihant Publications)
MAT Admit Card MAT Syllabus
MAT Application Form MAT Result


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