How To Email A Resume – Sending Job Application To A Company

How To Email A Resume:

If you’ve a question that how to email a resume or about sending job application to a company, then you should keep the employer’s instructions in your mind on submitting a Resume or Application.

Every organization wants an application or resume via email and in the prescribed format like MS Office Word or PDF. This is important that you are having your resume and application in the required format.

When you are applying for a job by sending your Resume or Application to a company, then copy and paste your cover letter into the mail message or write down in the email message body. Be aware of spacing of every line and paragraph.

Sending Job Application To A Company

If you are asked by the employer to send your resume and application by attaching it to an email, then you should send it in the PDF or Word Document format. If you’ve a Word Processing software other than MS Word, then save the resume as a “.doc” document.

You can save your document in PDF format using your word processing software able to file, print to Adobe PDF. Is your software does not allow you to do so, you can get many free software online to convert your document in PDF format.

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Some Employers Do Not Accept Attachments

In this case you just need to copy the entire contents of your resume or application and simply paste it in your email text box as a plain text. Always use the simple font style and avoid the fancy formatting from the text. Never use HTML.

The Subject Line of Your Email Message

You should mention the position name in the subject line of your email address, that will clearly notify the employer that what job you’re applying for.

Add Your Signature

Never forget to add your signature with your contact details like contact number or postal address, it will definitely help the employer to be in touch with you.

Send a Test Email Message

First, send your resume to yourself and check that the text formatting you’ve used in working properly. Download and open the file and check you’ve attached the right document from your PC in the right format and it opens easily. If you find everything okay, send it to the employer.

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Check Your Email Message Twice

Be sure that the contents you written are meeting the criteria of grammar and spell check. This is a very important step that you should check your email twice-thrice before sending it to the employer.

If you follow the points mentioned above, you will be able to impress the employers through your email in  your absence. For more career related topics stay tuned with

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