How To Become A Cabin Crew – Course & Training Detail, Education

How To Become A Cabin Crew

Many amongst us aspires to be cabin crew and in many parts of the world it is considered as one of the best jobs one can get. So to guide up those who desire to be a cabin crew, in this article we have asserted useful cache on How To Become A Cabin Crew ? about  its  courses, education, Training Detail, etc. go further and grab tricks as below uttered tips will help you on your way! Most of the people believe it as the glamour and want to do it because being a crew member they get chance to travel or and meeting new people.

The role of an air cabin crew member is to provide an excellent customer service to passengers while ensuring their comfort, safety, ease throughout the flight. They are trained to deal with security and emergency situations which may arise and are administered as first aid to passengers.

How To Become A Cabin Crew

Cabin crew are also known as Flight Attendants, Air Hostess, Flight Stewards or even trolley dolly’s! They are mainly on an aircraft for the safety and welfare of the passengers and also for their comfort. If in case there is no services of food or drink during a flight, there will still have to present for safety, which is a legal requirement.

Best Career Options

Cabin Crew – Education, Course & Training Detail:

Check out the steps uttered below:

Do Search!

To apply for any job a person, needs to ensure all about that particular filed by searching as much as can be obtainable. One should know all about what the job involves and what will be requirement for candidates.

Get Job Searching Tips

Get customer service experience

Particularly, the role of being cabin crew is focus on customer service, it is so essential that candidates must have experience of customer service to apply for this field. Many cabin crew have histories of working in exchange, so try to gain sense and understanding as  this is a good way to gain some relevant and necessary.

Get prepared

  • If you are lucky enough to get to interview then in that case make sure that you are well prepared. You need to ensure that you are prepared in terms of what all you need to bring, and your passport must be in date, if you have any certificates, qualifications etc organize them neatly. Take the notice of all legal requirements as here are a lot of laws around working as cabin crew, two of the most well-known being weight and height. As you want the job, meet the minimum requirements. Check the regulations of each airline.
  • Most cabin crew are friendly, sociable and approachable people, so they assessors will be looking for ‘Being sociable’ qualities in you. People who walk into a room full of people but choose to sit alone are not normally successful in the interview process.
  • Most airlines want friendly, smiley people to work for them, so have it on your face and smile as much as possible! Be friendly to everyone because you have to be  approachable.

Don’t Go For ‘Guaranteed Job’ Courses

  • It is treated as a trend in case of many companies that are setting up cabin crew courses, guarantying that  their course will help you to get a job as a cabin crew. Although, the courses may be helpful in learning about the job but it will not going to help you by providing you job placements or even an interview!
  • Some of the courses cost more than thousands of Rupees, but doesn’t not ensure employment. So, don’t be fooled by any of the companies that provides crash courses and trainings.

Tips To Choose Right Career

Once Recruited As A Cabin Crew Member

Once you successfully accepted by an airline to work as a cabin crew member, what you have to complete is a necessary 4-6 week training course, that is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority and the European Joint Aviation Authorities.

Golden Rules/Mantra For Career

This training course is called SEP (Safety & Emergency Procedures) and this SEP training is paid for by the airline moreover candidate will be getting first month’s wages. During this time applicant will be trained on as follows:

  • Aircraft Evacuation
  • Ditching (landing on water)
  • Decompression
  • Fire Fighting
  • Passenger Management
  • Security Related Issues
  • Extraordinary Situations
  • First Aid
  • Survival

Best Colleges in India

Top 10 Aviation Colleges in India (With Official Sites)

  • J. Aviation academy- Bangalore->
  • Indian Aviation Academy- Mumbai->
  • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy- Hyderabad->
  • Wingsss College of Aviation Technology- Pune->
  • Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics- Ahmedabad->
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics- New Delhi->
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics science- Jamshedpur->
  • Hindustan Aviation Academy- Bangalore->
  • Indian institute of aeronautical science- Kolkata->
  • Indian Institute for Aeronautical Engineering & Information Technology (IIAEIT) Pune->

Top Universities in India

Airlines wish to get relevant work experience in applicants rather than qualifications, as they are keen to see the required skills. Therefore, it is a highly competitive profession and candidates compete for jobs with a wide range of people.

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