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Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs

Himachal Pradesh Current AffairsAspirant searching or looking for current happenings in HP state are at accurate place, no need to search any more as Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs has been provided here on this page. We have also provided HP GK Questions on this page. Please take a deep look to the stuff available below related to Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs 2015. We will later on provide Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs 2016 on this same page only, so remain in contact with us.

All of us know that for clearing any competitive exam we need to be aware of the latest events take place in different states, the members of recruitmentlauncher.com understands your anxiety and is helping you by providing the latest Himachal Pradesh GK Questions by following which you will definitely achieve success in your upcoming exams.

Latest Current Affairs- News & Updates

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General Details of Himachal Pradesh:

Capital Of Himachal Pradesh  Shimla
Area Of Himachal Pradesh 55673sq. km.(1991censes)
No. Of Districts In Himachal Pradesh 12
Language Spoken By People In Himachal Pradesh Hindi and Pahari
Himachal Got The Status Jan 25.1971
Himachal Got ‘C’ State Status Sept. 1957
When Did Himachal Became Centrally- Administered Territory Nov.1,1956
Bilaspur Was Include In H.P. July 1.1954
When Was Himachal Territorial Council Made July 1,1963
State First C.M. Dr. Y.S.Parmar
First Chairman Of Territorial Council Thakur Karam Singh
Number Of State 18th
On The Basis Of Area 14th
Vidhan Sabha Seats 68
Lok Sabha Seats 4
Rajya Sabha Seats 3

HP GK Questions

Ques 1: What is the total No. of Panchayat in Shimla district?

a)    330

b)    331

c)    333

d)    309

Ans 1: (B)

Ques 2: Moti Mahal located at—

a)    Nahan

b)    Una

c)    Mandi

d)    Shimla

Ans 2: (A)

Ques 3: How many DIETS are there in H.P.?

a)    13

b)    12

c)    11

d)    19

Ans 3: (B)

Ques 4: What is height of Shimla above sec Level?

a)    2205

b)    2206

c)    2208

d)    None

Ans 4: (B)

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Ques 5: Dal Lake is located in—

a)    Una

b)    Kangra

c)    Chamba

d)    Shimla

Ans 5: (B)

Ques 6: The book ‘Prachin himachal’ is written by—

a)    L.C. Sharma

b)    L.C. Parathi

c)    Gharib Khan

d)    None

Ans 6: (B)

Ques 7: How many mountain ranges are there in Himachal Pradesh?

a)    Four

b)    Three

c)    Two

d)    One

Ans 7: (B)

Samanya Gyan Darpan

Ques 8: Outer Himalayas is known as—

a)    Lower Himalayas

b)    Shivalik

c)    Manak

d)    All of these

Ans 8: (D)

Ques 9: The State Day of Himachal Pradesh is—

a)    5th April

b)    15th January

c)    25 March

d)    15 May

Ans 9: (A)

Ques 10: The location of Himachal Pradesh is—

a)    32022’ to 34012’ North latitude and 750 47’ to 780 04’ East Longitude

b)    30022’ to 33012’ North latitude and 75047’ to 79004’ East Longitude

c)    31022’ to 300 12’ North longitude and 75047’ to 79004’ east longitude

d)    None of these

Ans 10: (B)

Ques 11: The River Satluj arise from which of the following Lake—

a)    Bradonsar Lake

b)    Kamru Nag Lake

c)    Mani Mahesh Lake

d)    Man Sarover Lake

Ans 11: (D)

Ques 12: In which district, the highest pass of Himachal Pradesh is located?

a)    Kangra

b)    Kullu

c)    Shimla

d)    Lahaul Spiti

Ans 12: (D)

Preparation tips for GK Exam

Ques 13: The height of District Shimla is—

a)    2205

b)    2305

c)    2405

d)    2505

Ans 13 (A)

Ques 14: Which is the largest city of Himachal Pradesh ?

a)    Shimla

b)    Hamirpur

c)    Kullu

d)    Chama

Ans 14: (A)

Ques 15: The longest river of Himachal Pradesh is—

a)    Jehlem

b)    Beas

c)    Chenab

d)    Satluj

Ans 15 (D)

Ques 16: Which is the official language of Himachal Pradesh?

a)    Hindi

b)    Nepali

c)    Santhali

d)    Bodo

Ans 16 (A)

Ques 17: What is the area of Himachal Pradesh?

a)    64,128 sq. mi.

b)    32,064 sq. mi.

c)    21,495 sq. mi.

d)    12,480 sq. mi.

Ans 17 (C)

GK Questions with Answers

Ques 18: Which state is to the north of Himachal Pradesh?

a)    Rajasthan

b)    Nagaland

c)    Jammu and Kashmir

d)    Tripura

Ans 18 (C)

Ques 19: When were many areas of Punjab merged with Himachal Pradesh?

a)    1950

b)    1952

c)    1966

d)    1968

Ans 19(C)

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Ques 20: Which state is to the south of Himachal Pradesh?

a)    Bihar

b)    Haryana

c)    Sikkim

d)    West Bengal

Ans 20 (B)

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