Google Interview Experience – Question/Answers, Freshers Hiring Process

Google Interview Experience – Question/Answers, Freshers Hiring Process


Google Interview Experience

Google Interview ExperienceHello friends, I am Swati Sharma from New Delhi sharing my Google Interview Experience which was good and remarkable experience with a group of Google. A few months ago I received an e-mail from a recruiter at Google asking for a chance to talk to me concerning presented development positions. Unnecessary to say, I was very excited. I’m literally happy in my recent job, but–it’s GOOGLE. You don’t say no to an interview opening at Google. Now, I would like to share my Google Interview Experience or Hiring Process with you, so that Freshers may get some Question/Answers regarding how to tackle it.

I want to Share Some Experiences of Accenture Interview. That was remarkable experience of my life and it will be owner for me that you can learn something from my experience.

Google Interview Experience

Name: Swati Sharma

Degree:, New Delhi

Age: 29 Years

HR Phone Screen:

My interview with DM was a non-technical one as he just talk about the hiring method and asked about some parts of my resume (Curriculum Vitae). He also asked my chosen place in EU (Stockholm, Zurich, Munich, etc.) After our brief hangout, DM listed my first technical interview and sent me PDF files about their offices in EU and several resources to help me in my preparation.

I spent the next 1.5 weeks cramming algorithms and data formations into my mind but thankfully, resources from the internet allowed me to follow an ultra-lean-Google-interview crash way. My regular difficulty solving regimen in CodeChef and strong CS fundamentals back in the university definitely helped me in absorbing things fast.

Google Recruitment

Technical Phone Screen:

On 19th June, 2015, my first technical interview was performed by an Engineer in Zurich via Hangouts which lasted 45 min. A few minutes after the go around ended, DM informed me via email that I did well and that I will move onward to the onsite interviews. I was happy to hear such news but then again, the journey is far away from over since the initial screen only intends to weed out engineers that they find to be “below par”. The real fun begins at the onsite interviews wherein I would be battling it out with the most excellent programmers in the world for a spot at the big G.

My onsite interviews are a bit dissimilar than those from other countries since there are no engineers in Google Philippines (only non-technical staff like sales). It is different in a intellect that I had my first 3 interviews via Video Conferencing in their Makati office while my last 2 interviews were held in the Singapore office.

First On-Site Interview:

At 10:15am, my first interview was started. In this interview, I was little bit nervous and I prepared for my first set of onsite interviews by studying the same subjects from my phone screen preps but this time, going deeper into the information of each topic.

On 2nd July, 2015, I went to the Makati office and was interviewed by three engineers (abroad) via an internal Skype-like technology used by Google (not Hangouts). All interviews lasted 45 minutes and all coding was done on a shared GDocs file just like before. The interviews were held successively and thus no breaks were given so I finished after accurately 2 hour 15 min. As much as I would like to, I am not allowed to share the questions because of an NDA I signed on the other hand, you can check sites such as Glassdoor to get an idea on what types of questions to expect.

At last, I was selected for second on-site interview.

Second On-Site Interview:

After giving the first set of onsite interviews, Google organized my flight and accommodation for the second set of my onsite interviews to be held in Singapore.

Yey more prep time! But since I have already spent a significant amount of time studying and coding in GDocs for the past month, I decided to study design topics in order to get ready myself for the dreaded “design interview”. Nope, not UI/UX design but what I am referring to is system/architecture design. Of the 5 onsite interviews that applicants need to hurdle, 4 of those are coding interviews and 1 (usually the last) is a design interview. In my judgment, design interviews are intended to calculate one’s practical skills since the 4 coding interviews are academic in nature generally focusing on university CS topics.

Fast forward to Singapore…

Google booked me in a hotel called Marina Mandarin which is a very fastidious, 5-star hotel in Singapore near Marina bay. Before the interview, I arrived at 11:30 pm the night so I had a fast bath and tried to be as relaxed as I can for the big day ahead.

On 15th July, 2015, I had a great breakfast at McDonald’s and rode the train to Google’s Singapore office. Upon arriving, I had lunch with a Googler who is working as a tech support for Analytics. The lunch batter were cooked by Google’s very own chefs and had a wide range of high quality and healthy cuisine – Western to Asian, they have it all!

Come interview time, with an interviewer, I came into a small room who asked me to code in a Chromebook. I was starting to bomb the interview because of anxiety since this is the first face-to-face interview that I had (the previous ones were all via video conferencing). Thankfully, I was capable to recuperate and able to solve the problems just after the time finished. Our overall discussion was good but there was a less time to answer the questions.

Google Hiring Committee:

A few days after my SG interview, DM emailed me that the feedback about me was positive so far. He also requested for my character references and names of friends who are working at Google so, I gave her the information of my colleagues in my preceding company and the name of my college friend who is currently working in Google Sydney.

He also requested copies of my testimonials, transcripts, and awards for he will be including them in my package (to be reviewed by the Hiring Committee). At last, hiring committee decided to extend an offer to me as a Software Engineer II in Zurich. YEY!

So guys! This is Swati Sharma who shared overall Google Interview Experience on our web portal which is and we hope that this Experience will positively help you and you get some knowledge and thoughts about Google interview. You can give your views about this Experience or you can also share your Experiences on this page.

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