GATE Previous Year Papers, Sample/Model Question Papers With Answers

GATE Previous Year Papers

  • Gate Previous Year Sample Model Papers with their answer are provided below for the candidates who are preparing for the upcoming GATE exam. Applicants can prepare by taking the help of these sample papers.
  • GATE is an examination that primarily tests the complete understanding of different undergraduate topics in engineering and science. GATE exam is conducted mutually by the Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian Institutes of Technology includes IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras and IIT Roorkee.

GATE Model Question Papers with Answers:

1. A bulb in a staircase has two switches, one switch being at the ground floor and the other one at the first floor. The bulb can be turned ON and also can be turned OFF by any one of the switches irrespective of the state of the other switch. The logic of switching of the bulb resembles

  1. an AND gate
  2. an OR gate
  3. an XOR gate
  4. an NAND gate

Answer: (1.)

2. Consider a vector field A r( ). The closed loop line integral A d l •∫ can be expressed as

  1. ∫∫ (∇ × • A ds) over the closed surface bounded by the loop
  2. ∫∫∫ (∇ • A dv) over the closed volume bounded by the loop
  3. ∫∫∫ (∇ • A dv) over the open volume bounded by the loop
  4. ∫∫ (∇ × • A ds) over the closed surface bounded by the loop

Answer: (4.)

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3. In a forward biased pn junction diode, the sequence of events that best describes the mechanism of current flow is

  1. injection, and subsequent diffusion and recombination of minority carriers
  2. injection, and subsequent drift and generation of minority carriers
  3. extraction, and subsequent diffusion and generation of minority carriers
  4. extraction, and subsequent drift and recombination of minority carriers

Answer: (1.)

4. In IC technology, dry oxidation (using dry oxygen) as compared to wet oxidation (using steam or water vapor) produces

  1. superior quality oxide with a higher growth rate
  2. inferior quality oxide with a higher growth rate
  3. inferior quality oxide with a lower growth rate
  4. superior quality oxide with a lower growth rate

Answer: (4.)

5. The maximum value of θ until which the approximation sinθ ≈ θ holds to within 10% error is

  1. o 10
  2. o 18
  3. o 50
  4. o 90

Answer: (2.)

6. A band-limited signal with a maximum frequency of 5 kHz is to be sampled. According to the sampling theorem, the sampling frequency which is not valid is

  1. 5 kHz
  2. 12 kHz
  3. 15 kHz
  4. 20 kHz

Answer: (1.)

7. In a MOSFET operating in the saturation region, the channel length modulation effect causes

  1. an increase in the gate-source capacitance
  2. a decrease in the Transconductance
  3. a decrease in the unity-gain cutoff frequency
  4. a decrease in the output resistance

Answer: (4.)

8. Choose the grammatically CORRECT sentence:

  1. Two and two add four
  2. Two and two become four
  3. Two and two are four
  4. Two and two make four

Answer: (4.)

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9. Statement: You can always give me a ring whenever you need. Which one of the following is the best inference from the above statement?

  1. Because I have a nice caller tune
  2. Because I have a better telephone facility
  3. Because a friend in need in a friend indeed
  4. Because you need not pay towards the telephone bills when you give me a ring

Answer: (3.)

10. Complete the sentence: Dare ____________ mistakes.

  1. commit
  2. to commit
  3. committed
  4. committing

Answer: (2.)

11. They were requested not to quarrel with others. Which one of the following options is the closest in meaning to the word quarrel?

  1. make out
  2. call out
  3. dig out
  4. fall out

Answer: (4.)

12. A car travels 8 km in the first quarter of an hour, 6 km in the second quarter and 16km in the third quarter. The average speed of the car in km per hour over the entire journey is

  1. 30
  2. 36
  3. 40
  4. 24

Answer: (3.)

13. What is the chance that a leap year, selected at random, will contain 53 Sundays?

  1. 2/7
  2. 3/7
  3. 1/7
  4. 5/7

Answer: (1.)

14. Drift current in the semiconductors depends upon

  1. only the electric field
  2. only the carrier concentration gradient
  3. both the electric field and the carrier concentration
  4. both the electric field and the carrier concentration gradient

Answer:  (3.)

15. A Zener diode, when used in voltage stabilization circuits, is biased in

  1. reverse bias region below the breakdown voltage
  2. reverse breakdown region
  3. forward bias region
  4. forward bias constant current mode

Answer:  (2.)

16. A fair dice is tossed two times. The probability that the second toss results in a value that is higher than the first toss is

  1. 2/36
  2. 2/6
  3. 5/12
  4. 1/2

Answer: (3.)

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17. The gain margin of the system under closed loop unity negative feedback is

  1. 0dB
  2. 20dB
  3. 26 dB
  4. 46 dB

Answer: (3.)

18. The question below consists of a pair of related words followed by four pairs of words. Select the pair that best expresses the relation in the original pair: Gladiator: Arena

  1. dancer : stage
  2. commuter: train
  3. teacher : classroom
  4. lawyer : courtroom

Answer: (4.)

19. Consider an undirected random graph of eight vertices. The probability that there is an edge between a pair of vertices is ½. What is the expected number of unordered cycles of length three?

  1. 1/8
  2. 1
  3. 7
  4. 8

Answer: (3.)

20. The transport layer protocols used for real time multimedia, file transfer, DNS and email, respectively are

  1. TCP, UDP, UDP and TCP
  2. UDP, TCP, TCP and UDP
  3. UDP, TCP, UDP and TCP
  4. TCP, UDP, TCP and UDP

Answer: (3.)

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