CLAT Sample Papers 2015 Download Solved Previous Year Question Paper PDF

CLAT Sample Papers 2015 Download Solved Previous Year Question Paper PDF


CLAT Sample Papers 2015

Candidates who are going to appear for CLAT Entrance Exam can prepare well from the CLAT Solved Previous Year Question Papers. You may download CLAT Sample Papers 2015 in PDF form from this page which is well structured by team of

CLAT Solved Previous Year Question Papers

Q1. Give the correct meaning of the word ‘lexicon’?

a)    Number

b)    Legal document

c)    Dictionary

d)    Captain’s dog

Ans. C

Q2. We will have to take ……..more staff if we are to take on more work.

a)    Up

b)    Onto

c)    Into

d)    on

Ans. A

Q3. Lumbini is the place where Buddha

a)    attained nirvana

b)    attained enlightenment

c)    was born

d)    was married

Ans. C

Q4. Nehru institute of mountaineering is situated at

a)    Nainital

b)    Darjeeling

c)    Shimla

d)    uttarkashi

Ans. d

Q5. Galvanometer is an instrument to measure

a)    relative density of liquid

b)    electric currents

c)    pressure of gases

d)    distances

Ans. B

Q6. The highest numbers of telephone users are in

a)    china

b)    USA

c)    Canada

d)    India

Ans. A

Q7. Acquisition means

a)    Permanent transfer of the title of the body

b)    Supervision of property

c)    Taking control of property temporarily

d)    Taking possession permanently

Ans. a

Q8. CR. PC stands for

a)    Criminal proceedings code

b)    Criminal proceedings court

c)    Crime prevention code

d)    Criminal procedure code

Ans. d

Q9. Cat- kitten; goat-kid; sheep-?

a)    Colt

b)    Filly

c)    Lamb

d)    Wool

Ans. c

Q10. Right: duty::power: ?

a)    Wrong

b)    Weak

c)    Powerless

d)    Liability

Ans. d

Q11. Ravi is the brother amit’s son. How is amit related to Ravi?

a)    Cousin

b)    Father

c)    Son

d)    Grandfather

Ans. b

Q12. Release of prisoner before completion of his sentence is called

a)    Release

b)    Parole

c)    Acquittal

d)    Lease

Ans. b

Q13. ‘No fault liability’ means

a)    Liability for damage caused through negligence

b)    Liability for damage caused through fault

c)    Absolute liability even without any negligence or fault

d)    Freedom from liability

Ans. c

Q14. What is the meaning of chattel?

a)    Any property

b)    Immovable property

c)    Movable property

d)    Cattle

Ans. a

Q15. Who destroyed the somnath temple in Gujrat?

a)    Mohammad ghouri

b)    Mahmud ghaznavi

c)    Changhez khan

d)    Taimur lang

Ans. b

Q16. What is the place value of 5 in 3254710?

a)    10000

b)    5

c)    54710

d)    50000

Ans. d

Q17. Average age of ten person persons learning yoga is 32 years. When the age of their instructor is added, the average age becomes 34 years. The age of their instructor is

a)     54

b)    52

c)    46

d)    56

Ans. a

Q18. Patient: doctor:: litigant: ?

a)    advisor

b)    help

c)    legal aid

d)    lawyer

Ans. d

Q19. 6×3(3-1) is equal to

a)    53

b)    36

c)    20

d)    19

Ans. b

Q20. Which of the following is not a prime number?

a)    23

b)    29

c)    43

d)    21

Ans. d

About CLAT

CLAT is an all India Common Law Admission Test which is organizedd by various universities for admissions to their under-graduate and post-graduate degree programmes that include LL.B. & LL.M. The CLAT 2015 examination is going to be conducted by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University Lucknow.

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