Career in Animation in India- Required Education, Career Scope/Salary

Career in Animation in India- Required Education, Career Scope/Salary


Career in Animation in India

Career in Animation in India is a best option for those who have a wonderful sense of humor, amazing creativity in their mind. Animation industries have boundless scope for those who love to form magic. And so a broad scope for Animation candidates too.

Who cannot remember the pretty and sweet arts of Panda, doraemon, Scooby-doo and many more who taught us that life is so beautiful or even unforgettable eternally fascinating and interesting world of Narnia! Many other Blockbuster movies such as Kung Fu Panda, The Chronicles of Narnia, Hobbit, Frozen, Bolt, Ice Age, etc are outstanding examples of the wonder that is animation field.

Career in Animation in India

Best Career Options

In the current economic survey globally, animation industries across the globe has continuously growing at a rapid rate. And India also, in spite of its late entry in Indian trade, the animation business is on the pathway of development and soon will be experiencing an extended phase of bang. But what is more exciting is actuality that this industries will be offering services to thousands of future 2-D and 3-D animators each year.

The world of animation is misunderstood at times with comic striping. Cartooning is just a drawn comical character with several different name and image in a sense of comedy. On the other hand, animatronics is the art of living life keen on these characters. Animation is the art with which non-living stuffs are brought to existence with the help of a variety of up to date computer based sequencing methods.

Career in Animation in India

So you want to be an Animator? Here’s what to suppose-

The candidates who desire to be future animators must be acquiring a bachelor’s degree in animation or at any related part, although some animators have only an associate’s degree. Students normally take courses in drawing, 3D program, video and graphic design. Programs may also supply training on sound and video editing, plus kinematics too.

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Freshers can be expected with a starting salary of Rs 5000-10000 depending on their skills, imagination, ingenuity and creativity. By way of time and experiences, and also depending on skill sets, scope can be larger or limited.

Job Opportunities

Leading graduation, students may also gaze for service with video making companies, as well as marketing ads firms. Animators may also get work with software publishers and computer coordination design cooperation. With extra training, these specialized may also be converted into:

Jobs By Qualification

  • Sketch artists
  • Graphic designers
  • Painters
  • Cartoonists
  • Illustrators
  • Computer game developers
  • Computer game programmers
  • Visual artists
  • Web designers
  • Multimedia designers


Various institutes offer degree and diploma in animation courses. Some of the top ones are here listed below:

All over India

  • Arena Animation
  • Animaster

New Delhi

  • Frame Box
  • Academy of Animation and Gaming (AAG)


  • Industrial Design Centre (IDC)
  • Whistling Woods International
  • The JJ School Of Arts


National Institute of Design (NlD), Paldi

New Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC)


Zee Institute Of Creative Arts (2ICA)


The Toonz-Webel Academy


The Heart Animation Academy

Top Universities In India

Few listed up are affiliated universities in our nation provides Animation courses. It is an amiable and attractive option to be chosen as career path and job too. This is an opportunity for all extraordinary minded candidates to establish themselves as masters of beautiful, realistic, charming world. Go ahead in this career, as you are really enthusiastic and have a great mind.

All the best for your wonderful future!

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