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10 Amazing Tricks To Impress Your Teacher

We all have heard that people say “Student life is golden life”. Each one of us in this world is has gone through a life as a student. But the complication being a student is that mostly students fail to be a good student even when they actually are. If you also suffering the same condition being a student than Follow These 10 Amazing Tricks To Impress Your Teacher. Because these tricks will help you to  attain teacher’s attention and Get Good Marks.

10 Amazing Tricks To Impress Your Teacher

It is true that from childhood to old age, the best and the most enjoyed stage in one’s life is student life. All of us who have passed that stage cherish about those memories for a life time. And to deal with a teacher and to get good scores students need be good and likeable student in teacher’s eye. Students in such cases need to Keep in mind that while there are ten items listed here, just applying a few can have a big impact. So pick what you want to work on and try it today onwards.

10 Amazing Tricks To Impress Your Teacher

1.  Pay attention to details

You need to be active, if your teacher asks you to bring in a specific book then make sure to bring it. Just write reminders if you think that you are in need, but come prepared. Make sure that assignments are turned in on time, and you are prepared for tests. Take a few minutes each evening to study what you learned in class.

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2.  Be attentive when they are teaching

Make an effort to listen each day and be involved in the lesson. Even though there will be boring topics covered in class, realize that it is their job to teach and your job to learn the information presented.

3.  Answer questions that the teacher poses

This thing generally comes with a special warning because it is important to be involved. It really helps the teacher move the class along and shows them that you are listening. However, do not hog the spotlight. Allow other students to answer questions too. It’s okay not to raise your hand upon every question posed.

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4.  Be thoughtful of your teacher in and out of class

If you find that one of your teacher has dropped something when you are out of class, help them if you are able to and Don’t just ignore them or laugh at them.

5.  Smile and speak to your teacher

Yes! Try to make your teacher realize that you value them and the job they do. By acknowledging them, you are actually letting them know that they are okay in your book.

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6.  Go the extra mile

If they asks you to complete your homework ensure that it is done completely and neatly. Well, Take your time to do but do it right. Your work will stand out from the others, even if there are errors, as it will be obvious that you did your best.

7.  Realize that your teacher is a person too and has feelings

Getting acknowledge with this realization will have impact on your behavior towards them in and out of class as They were also students once. They have struggles and joys in their lives. They have a life outside of school. They also have feelings and when students mock them or make fun of them it can be quite difficult.

8.  Laugh at their jokes

This basically doesn’t mean that to use false or mocking laughter But in case when teachers make little jokes in class, they are trying to make connections and lighten things up. So at that time You have a choice to be involved and chuckle, or at the very least, smile.

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9.  Help the teacher straighten up after a non-traditional activity

If you have an activity in class that requires the desks to be rearranged, make sure to help them move them back into rows before you leave the class. Your help will be appreciated and noted.

10.  Say thank you

You are not required to say thank you each and every day but, throwing in a sincere thank you to a teacher for teaching you a lesson is valued beyond belief.

We hope that this article will help you to be a good student and will lead you to be a shining thing in you teacher’s eye. Good Luck!!!

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